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On Thursday (March 8th/2018) we will be practicing our evacuation as part of the community drill. We are moving the hot lunch from Wednesday to Thursday so we can have a hot lunch when we come back. Our evacuation is by foot so please make sure that your student has good footwear and an outside jacket for that day in case of bad weather. We will evacuate the school, walk to the west side evacuation site (beside the tsunami sign), check in, and then return to the school.
Also, be aware that we will be walking along the road so please watch out for us if you are driving along the road during the drill.
Tsunami Evacuation Drill - Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 11:00am

The tsunami siren will sound at 11:00am  and we will practice the emergency evacuation plan for the school as part of the coordinated community practice. In our plan, we will muster in front of the school and then immediately proceed, by foot, to the ground above the tsunami sign located just northwest of us on the Zeballos Main Road. After the all clear, we will return to school.


Grade K-6 Trimester 2 report cards will be available for pick-up Wednesday, March 21, 2018.

If you are not available to come in and pick up your student ‘s report card, please contact Cherie at the school and we will plan an alternate way to get it to you. This term, report cards are being given directly to parents/guardians.
Thank you,
Sean Broderick




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