ZESS Communications Update as of Monday, April 6, 2020

For this week, we will be carrying on with our communications procedure from last week. Email zessadmin [at] viw [dot] sd84 [dot] bc [dot] ca with general questions and me at sbroderick [at] viw [dot] sd84 [dot] bc [dot] ca with specific questions. You can also call the school and leave a voicemail. Voicemail will be checked several times a day and messages will be prioritized for reply. We will carry on with this procedure for the time being. Any changes will be posted on our school FB page and our page on the district website at http://zess.sd84.bc.ca/.

Thursday, April 2 ZESS Update

Tuesday, March 31 ZESS Update


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 The Regular Meeting of the
Board of Education for SD84 (Vancouver Island West)
will be held electronically (by Zoom) on Tuesday, April 14th, at 4:00 pm.
If you wish to attend this meeting, please contact Annie McDowell at amcdowell [at] viw [dot] sd84 [dot] bc [dot] ca
by 4 pm on Wednesday, April 8, 2020 – or call 250-283-2241, Local 224.


To Parents and Guardians of School District 84 

What’s Happening on Monday April 6 in SD84

To keep everyone safe, our buildings will remain closed to the public and most students; however, there will be more of our staff working in our buildings to provide further custodial and maintenance services as well as to accommodate the children of Tier One Essential Services Workers who require care for their younger children so that they can continue to look after those in greatest need.

On Monday, our returning staff will start the day reviewing critical health and safety protocols to ensure that our schools remain safe as we begin to have more bodies in and out of them.  Our enhanced custodial and maintenance programs begin with support staff who are available being shifted temporarily from their normal assignments into these roles.  This shift will not be permanent, but will last until their services are required back in their normal roles.

Monday will also see some of your children starting to receive their learning opportunity for the week from their teacher(s).  Teachers spent this first week connecting with every student and their families, developing classroom and individual instruction plans and planning learning activities. Initial learning opportunities will continue to roll out through the week. 

Please note, if you have not heard from your child’s classroom teacher, there is a good chance that your school does not have up to date contact information for you.  Please call your school and update your information.  If no one answers your call, please leave a message with the information.

For those families who are anxious to access their local school to retrieve personal items, that access will be provided later next week.  Please expect information from your local school as to how and when you will be provided access.

Thank you for your patience and support as the District begins engaging your children in learning while maintaining health and safety as our priority.

Lawrence Tarasoff

Superintendent and Secretary-Treasurer

Notice to Parents who work providing Tier One Essential Services

Despite our schools being closed to the public and to most students (for now), if you work providing Tier 1 Essential Services:

  • Health/Health Services,
  • Social Services (providing care to children and individuals with disabilities and childcare workers providing care for ESWs),
  • Law Enforcement,
  • First Responders and
  • Emergency Response

and have no other childcare options, we will provide childcare and educational services for your child, aged 5-12 and registered with SD84, at your local elementary school beginning Monday, April 6. 

You must not just drop your child off at school, but rather must contact Annie McDowell amcdowell [at] viw [dot] sd84 [dot] bc [dot] ca or 250-283-2241, Local 224, to make application for provision of care.  Once Annie has gathered your information, you will be contacted by your school principal to go over the parameters of accessing care in your local school.


Dear Parents/Guardians, 

We have been asked to share a message for the Minister of Education and President of BCCPAC

Lawrence Tarasoff, Superintendent and Secretary Treasurer

Attention School District 84 Communities

Please be advised that all Vancouver Island West School District school playgrounds are closed effective immediately. 

Other than playground equipment, school playing fields remain open and people are encouraged to use them in support of good physical and mental health provided social distancing between people of at least two meters is maintained at all times. 

Healthy activities include: jogging, hiking, or going for a bike ride.

People who are feeling unwell should stay home.

Thank you for your assistance in helping to keep our children and community safe.


To Parents and Guardians of School District 84 

What’s Happening on Monday March 30 in SD84 

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